Donald Trump has promised to violate multiple fundamental freedoms protected by the Constitution, he has routinely engaged in bigoted actions, and his business interests pose unprecedented possibilities for corruption.

The Committees of Correspondence was formed in response to protect the best parts of what the United States stands for by fighting for three core goals:  

1. Protecting your rights under the Constitution and laws of the United States.

2. Fighting bigotry in our public discourse.

3. Guarding your tax dollars from public corruption.

The approach of "The Committees" to achieving its goals is summed up in our motto:

Communication, Cooperation, Coordination.

We need you to join us to help protect all of our rights and fight for the best parts of what the Unites States represents.  



Our Mission

The Committees of Correspondence is a nonprofit nonpartisan corporation pending 501(c)(4) status.  Not only will The Committees spearhead new campaigns and coordinate existing initiatives to ensure the Trump Administration cannot violate our rights or make bigotry normal in our society, we will also serve as a nexus for people to start their own campaigns to meet our organization’s three core goals.  We will create a crowdsourced activism that will protect our country and strengthen our bonds with each other.     

Long-term, the Committees of Correspondence will be here to coordinate and facilitate the efforts of people across the country that want to defend our rights and resist the spread of bigotry and corruption during the next four years.  Our website will have suggestions to help you get started protecting your community as well as existing campaigns you can get involved with.  But this is not a top-down movement.  Our site will also offer the ability to easily create and spread novel ways of resisting the incoming Administration’s unconstitutional policies as well as providing a central place where everyone from citizens, residents, legislators, and businesses can coordinate resources to defend the best parts of what the United States represents.


About Our Organization

The Committees of Correspondence is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.  However, we are in the process of establishing a nationwide network to protect our country.


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