Every representative on the national level, without question, should be forced to take a stand on any unconstitutional, bigoted, or corrupt policy of the Trump Administration.  These are our national representatives, and if the President is proposing legalizing torture, restricting immigration based on religion, or any other unconscionable policy, they should say where they stand and how they will respond.  And remind them that silence on these issues equals acquiescence.



We must also put pressure on our local elected officials from governors, to state legislators, to school board members if President Trump’s unconstitutional, bigoted, or corrupt policies affect their roles as our public servants. 

Follow the link below for a complete list of the contact information for your federal representatives and state legislators.  And because some state legislatures’ websites are difficult to navigate, we have provided the direct link to contact your state legislators.  Check back frequently because we will be continuously updating this link with the ultimate goal of having a one-stop resource for the direct contact information for every local official in the country.