The Committees’ Keep 'Em Honest Campaign

Public corruption that robs the American taxpayer and creates situations where the national interests are second to our political leaders’ personal interests cannot be allowed.    


trump is engaging in public corruption as president

There was a time in America when public corruption ran rampant – all government employment was based on political connections, bribery was commonplace, and public servants routinely used their power to enrich private corporate interests.  These are still problems today, but much less so in light of civil service reform and a stronger commitment by the federal government to prosecuting public officials for bribery. 

But now President Trump is threatening to bring public corruption back in a big way.  He has refused to separate himself from his expansive business empire, creating conflicts of interest around the world that jeopardize the national interests.  The possibilities for corruption are endless.  Further, Trump’s actions since the election raise serious concerns that he will use his office to enrich himself and seek favors from foreign governments or corporations. 

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fight for laws to protect our country from corruption

We are not powerless to protect our country from being looted by those in power.  Congress has the power to pass laws forcing Donald Trump to completely separate himself and his family from his business interests.  We must demand that our representatives act immediately to pass legislation to ensure that Donald Trump will not put his business interests over the national interests.

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demand the end of legalized corruption in our campaign finance laws

While Donald Trump threatens to violate laws preventing the President from using his office to line his own pockets, our system has allowed legalized corruption for too long.  Currently, large financial interests are allowed to secretly influence our political process.  A series of Supreme Court rulings prevent our representatives in Congress from passing laws to limit the corrupting influence of money in politics, and things will not improve on that front with Donald Trump in control of nominations to the Supreme Court for the next four years.

Join the Committees of Correspondence in lobbying Congress to send a clear message to the Supreme Court that the people have a right to control the corrupting influence of money in our political system.  The Committees will fight to eliminate corruption in all forms from our government, even if it takes passing a Constitutional amendment. 

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