Fighting With Federalism!

The Constitution contemplated that our country might have to deal with a President intent on violating people’s rights.  Unfortunately, that time may have arrived.  President Trump made violating multiple Constitutional protections a centerpiece of his administration.  This unprecedented situation requires action.

The Committees of Correspondence is responding by forming the Safe Haven Project to urge states and cities to use our federal system of government to create geographic safe havens across the country where President Trump's unconstitutional actions will have limited or no effect.  We will coordinate efforts to protect our rights, from state legislatures to the courts to the ballot box.

Click the links below to learn more about how our state and local governments can pass legislation to prevent the Trump Administration from violating your rights.


find out more about federalism

Under our federal system certain powers have been reserved to the states.  We can use this principle to prevent the Trump Administration from implementing its unconstitutional policies on the ground.



Check out The Committees package of policy proposals to encourage your state and local legislators to pass to protect your rights.  For those that live in a state that allows recall elections, we will coordinate efforts to use that tool to pressure our representatives to do everything in their power to protect our rights.


The legislative action hub

The Committees is creating a network so that elected members of state government dedicated to creating geographic safe havens can coordinate efforts to protect the best parts of what America stands for.  You can also check here to find out the latest news about what your elected representatives are doing to protect your state.