The Committees of Correspondence’s Citizen Action Center

For the first time in the country’s history, the United States is faced with an incoming President that has made violating numerous rights protected by the Constitution a central part of his campaign.  We will also have to confront a President who has proven himself to be a racist and a bigot through his decades of consistent racist and bigoted actions.  Finally, the hard-earned wealth of the American taxpayer and our irreplaceable natural resources are at risk of being plundered due to the incoming Administration’s unprecedented conflicts of interest.

There is so much you can do each day as a citizen or resident of the United States to protect each other and our country from these threats.  The Committees of Correspondence is here to help you find ways to do your part and to put you in touch with like-minded people.  We have suggestions below to help you get started protecting your community, but this is not a top-down movement.  The Committees wants to hear your ideas and encourages you to start groups to solve problems specific to your community so we can not only protect our rights for the next four years but also emerge from a Trump Administration as a stronger and more united people.



There are countless organizations, both local and national, dedicated to protecting people’s rights, to fighting bigotry, and to guarding against public corruption.  And we know that there are also countless individuals out there dedicated to these same three important goals. 

The Committees’ Citizen Action Center is a place for you to get connected and to implement your own initiatives for protecting our country. 


Build your social capital for the good of the country

An obligation as a citizen and resident is to buttress the civil institutions that already make America great.  Get involved in religious, professional, or neighborhood associations; participate in social and athletic organizations; get involved with local charities and nonprofits. 

The United States has the strongest network of civil associations in the world.  This network not only creates the connections that bind us together, but it also makes our nation uniquely able to resist threats to our freedom and to confront the poisonous effects of bigotry.  Do your part to maintain and strengthen a strong civil society – not only will you make our country a better place, you’ll have fun while doing it!


connect with other people and get involved

The Citizen Action Center is a central place where everyone from citizens, residents, legislators, and businesses can coordinate resources to defend the best parts of what the United States represents.  

Click the link below to communicate, cooperate, and coordinate with people like you!