An Attack on Our Democracy

The authoritarian government of Russian President Vladimir Putin engaged in cyberwarfare against the most fundamental aspects of our democracy during the 2016 election, and disturbing evidence raises questions of collusion between Donald Trump's campaign and Putin's government.  

You would expect a bipartisan response to this attack on our country, but instead the leadership of the Republican Party has obstructed a true investigation.  Meanwhile, Trump has welcomed representatives of the Russian government into the Oval Office where he divulged top secret information, and he fired FBI Director Comey due to his investigation into the President's ties with Russia.  This is not ordinary.      

President Trump inviting top officials of a hostile authoritarian foreign power into our White House.

President Trump inviting top officials of a hostile authoritarian foreign power into our White House.

compare two recent attacks on our country

After the 9/11 attack by al-Qaeda, the US House of Representatives voted 420-1 and the US Senate voted 98-0 to authorize a response to the attacks.  After Russia's attack on our democracy by hacking information from the Democratic Party, spreading "Fake News," and possibly colluding with members of the Trump campaign, Republican members of Congress routinely slowed or obstructed a thorough investigation and response into this assault on our election process, one of the most fundamental aspects of our democracy.  It should be a bipartisan issue to figure out how and why the Russian government attacked our election process so that it never happens again, as well as taking appropriate action if evidence points to the Trump campaign colluding with Russia to influence the election.


tell your representatives to protect our democracy

Let your representatives know that we expect them to protect our democratic form of government.  If your representatives won't take steps to prevent Russia from attacking our election process and if they won't fully investigate the Trump campaign's ties to Russia, they must be voted out in 2018!