The genius of our federal system is that is decentralizes governing authority between the federal and state governments.  And the Constitution explicitly reserves rights to the states and the people.  We must use our federal system to prevent, delay, and obstruct any unconstitutional laws passed by the Trump Administration.


The Usefulness of Our Federal System

The Constitution makes it clear that some powers, like the power to coin money or declare war, belong exclusively to the federal government.  But the 10th Amendment grants powers not given to the federal government to the states.  On top of that, there are plenty of gray areas as to where our federal government’s power ends and our state governments’ powers begin.  This layering and decentralization of powers is an intentional design meant to ensure people have control over local issues and to limit the harm of unconstitutional federal laws.  We must use our system of government the way it was intended.

How Do We Use Federalism to Protect Ourselves?

It will take the efforts of our state legislatures, our local courts, and most importantly citizens across the country to put our federalist system to work.  If you are affected by the Trump Administration’s illegal or unconstitutional actions, file a lawsuit to protect yourself and others like you.  Legal challenges can delay the ability of the Trump Administration from implementing its laws.  Our state legislatures can pass laws that will disrupt and prevent the implementation of Trump’s unjust laws in their states, creating geographic safe havens.