Do Your Part to Fight Public Corruption

The open corruption of the Trump Administration and the broader legalized bribery permitted by our broken campaign finance laws will only be solved if you do your part to lobby your representatives and let them know you won't tolerate our country being run by those with the most money to spend.  The Committees is in the process of drafting model legislation to solve these issues that we will ultimately demand our representatives pass.  In the meantime, scroll down to find a sample letter demanding action on these issues along with the direct contact information for your representatives. 


Contact Your Representative - It's Fast and easy!

Dear [Representative],

I am writing because the open corruption and conflicts of interest exhibited by the Trump Administration are costing the taxpayers money and making a mockery of our republic.  To cite just a few recent examples, the President has allowed members of his exclusive golf club to consult with him on policy and he has allowed senior aides to publicly promote his family's business.  I am also concerned that the President's refusal to divest himself of his business interests, including his extensive foreign holdings, will put our national interests at risk.  Finally, the Administration's recent efforts to pressure the FBI to mislead reporters about its investigation into President Trump's ties with Russia make me worried that the President will use executive agencies to persecute his political opponents.

I respectfully request to know what you will be doing to address these serious issues.  Silence cannot be a response in the face of such open public corruption.

Thank you for your time.


[Name, Address, Email]