President Trump’s senior national security advisor is Sebastian Gorka.  Gorka is a reported member of the group Vitézi Rend, a Hungarian Nazi organization that is blacklisted by the US State Department.  We cannot allow Nazis to serve in our government.

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What are gorka's links to nazism? 

Vitézi Rend was formed prior to World War II by the Nazi-allied dictator of Hungary.  Vitézi Rend promoted racist and anti-Semitic views and the group cooperated in murdering hundreds of thousands of people in Hungary during the Holocaust. 

After the defeat of Nazi Germany, Vitézi Rend was banned in Hungary for its links to fascism.  However, Hungarian exiles sympathetic to the former fascist leadership later reconstituted Vitézi Rend.  Members swear a lifetime oath to support the anti-Semitic and racist mission of the group.  The US State Department has blacklisted members of Vitézi Rend and made it difficult for members to obtain American citizenship due to the group’s links with Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.

Sebastian Gorka has worn medals associated with Vitézi Rend since he was a young man and, most recently, he wore Vitézi Rend medals to Donald Trump’s inauguration.  Further, leading members of Vitézi Rend recently confirmed that Gorka swore an oath of loyalty to their group.

While Gorka has denied that he is affiliated with Vitézi Rend, and despite the evidence that Gorka's denial is untrue, he has done nothing to explain his extensive links with anti-Semitic and extremist members of Hungary's Jobbik Party.  Members of the Jobbik Party have called for the government to create lists of Hungarian Jews and have erected monuments commemorating Hungary's Nazi-linked wartime leader.  Most troubling, Gorka worked with two former members of Jobbik in 2007 to form a new far-right political party in Hungary.  

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What Happens when nazis are allowed to serve in our government?

You don’t have to look hard to see the effects of allowing Nazis to serve in our government.  For the first time ever, the statement issued by Donald Trump’s White House on Holocaust Remembrance Day intentionally refused to honor the memories of 6 million Jewish people murdered during the Holocaust.  When the White House was criticized for this, Gorka called the criticism "asinine." President Trump refused to condemn attacks on Jewish community centers and cemeteries in early 2017 until mounting public pressure forced him to take what should have been the obvious and moral course of action.  In fact, Trump even suggested to the Attorney General of Pennsylvania that an attack on a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia was not an anti-Semitic crime, but rather it may have been done to make Trump look bad.  

Then there's Gorka's history of working with anti-Semitic political parties and supporting foreign authoritarian governments, including serving as an adviser to nativist Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.  It makes sense that when a person with this background is advising the President, policies contrary to American ideas of liberty, like the Muslim Ban and indiscriminate mass deportation, become reality.   Gorka's views are contrary to every value embodied in the US Constitution.  

Our country is too important to allow someone like Sebastian Gorka to remain in a position of power.  


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