Jared Kushner's Excellent Adventure

Jared Kushner is the dangerously unqualified and inexperienced top adviser to President Donald Trump whose only qualification for his position is being the President's son-in-law.  Scroll down to learn how major portions of the country's domestic and foreign policy have been surrendered to the incompetent son-in-law of the President.

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Kushner's limited experience

Jared Kushner, age 36, was born into one of the wealthiest real estate families in New York.  He attended Harvard after his father donated millions of dollars to the school.  Then Kushner attended NYU after his father again donated millions of dollars to the school.  

Kushner then worked in his family's real estate company, which engaged in a series of flawed investments, including purchasing 666 Fifth Avenue for $1.8 billion right before the real estate bubble burst.  Jared then decided to take a spin at running a newspaper for a bit and bought the New York Observer.  Along the way he married Ivanka Trump, daughter of President Donald Trump, which qualified him to serve as a top adviser during Trump's campaign.  


Kushner's expanding list of duties (that he is dangerously unqualified for)

Jared Kushner has been tasked with the following responsibilities by President Trump:

Kushner is in charge of efforts to arrange peace between Israel and Palestine. (He has zero experience in diplomacy or Near East studies.)


Kushner is negotiating with Mexico on behalf of the United States to salvage bilateral relations. (We reiterate, he has no experience in diplomacy.)   


Kushner will lead the newly created "Office of American Innovation."  This office has no real directive other than to "apply a business mentality to the federal government." (He accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars in debt through bad calls in the real estate market.)


Kushner is representing the White House in negotiations with Congress over criminal justice reform. (He has no real experience practicing law.)


Kushner is helping oversee the campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq. (He has zero military experience, and again, he has zero diplomatic experience.)