The Legislative Action Hub

President Trump has already threatened to arbitrarily withdraw federal funds from states that take action to oppose his unconstitutional, bigoted, or corrupt policies.  It is crucial for legislators and executive officials to work together across state lines to create a support network that will be able to counter these threats to our federal system of government from the Trump Administration.

Scroll down to learn more about the importance of creating a Legislative Action Hub and to learn the latest news about what legislators across the country are doing to protect our rights by using federalist principles. 


Why Do We Need a Legislative Action Hub?

The states have a tremendous amount of power under the Constitution to block or hinder unconstitutional or corrupt federal legislation.  But the federal government also has a lot of power, primarily in the form of federal grants provided to states for everything from roads and schools to law enforcement.  President Trump has threatened to arbitrarily cut federal funds to states that defy his unconstitutional policies.  That is why legislators and executive officers from all states opposed to Trump's unconstitutional policies must coordinate to explore options like interstate grants and novel ways of entering into de facto interstate compacts without Congressional approval to create geographic safe havens where rights are protected, bigotry is not tolerated, and corruption is not allowed. 

The Committees is in the process of reaching out to state legislators and executive officers to create a network that will allow states to protect their citizens without being bullied by a federal government lead by a President openly committed to pursuing illegal, bigoted, and corrupt policies.

Use the link below to find the direct contact info for your state representatives and tell them to join the Hub.


get the latest news on what state representatives across the country are doing to fight with federalism


Scroll down to find out the latest news about what our representatives across the country are doing to protect their states from any unconstitutional, bigoted, or corrupt legislation.


New Mexico Legislator proposes bill to prevent trump from using state land to build the wall

Legislators Javier Martinez and Bill McCamley sponsored a bill putting federalist principles to work by preventing that would prevent the Trump Administration from using New Mexico's state lands bordering Mexico to construct any border wall.


Nevada legislator proposes bill to limit local law enforecment's ability to turn over undocumented persons to federal authorities

State Senator Yvanna Cancela proposed legislation that would limit local enforcement from coordinating with federal immigration authorities.  As Senator Cancela makes clear, this legislation does not prevent the State of Nevada from prosecuting undocumented persons charged under state criminal laws, it simply uses federalist principles to hinder the Trump Administration's ability to enforce its unconstitutional mass deportation plan.

washington attorney general sues trump administration to halt muslim ban, is joined by 16 other attorneys general

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit to halt the implementation of Trump's unconstitutional Muslim Ban, which led to a stay of the Muslim Ban.  Attorney General Ferguson was supported by 16 other Attorneys Generals dedicated to protecting the right to travel and to fighting laws that discriminate based on national origin and religion. 

Oregon Governor Kate Brown signs executive order to provide sanctuary against unconstitutional deportations

The governor of Oregon signed an executive order to limit the ability of state law enforcement officials from cooperating with federal agents seeking to enforce the Trump Administration's unconstitutional and inhumane mass deportation plan.


California examines ways to withhold payments to federal government to prevent trump from implementing unconstitutional laws

California is examining legal methods to withhold payments of tax money to the federal government if the Trump Administration follows through on its threats to cut federal funding for states that provide sanctuary from the Administration's unconstitutional mass deportation plan. 


New Hampshire Legislators sponsor resolution calling for congress to investigate trump's corruption

Representatives Horrigan and Schmidt sponsored a resolution in the New Hampshire legislature calling for Congress to investigate President Trump's fraudulent enterprise Trump University and any other financial corruption committed by the President. 


New Mexico Legislator introduces bill requiring presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns

New Mexico State Senator Jacob Candelaria introduced legislation requiring all presidential candidates to release their tax returns in order to appear on the ballot.  This type of legislation should be adopted nationwide to protect the country from having to endure a presidency as openly corrupt as the Trump Administration in the future.