Resources to Protect Your Rights

Guides & Manuals For Protecting Your Rights

Several great organizations have already published guides and manuals to help you protect your rights in certain situations.  Below you will find links to information on free speech, electronic rights, immigrant’s rights, and much more.

GROUPS to Help You Protect Your Rights

There are many resources out there in your community to help you protect yourself and the people you love.  Follow the links below to get in touch with an organization to help you.  And if you are able to, please make a donation in any amount to one, some, or all of the below organizations so that they can continue their vital work.

Use The Law To Protect Your Rights

Many State and local bar associations have lists of attorneys that offer pro bono or reduced fee services to assist you in protecting your rights in a variety of areas of law.  Also, every State has legal aid centers that offer legal services and education to the public.  Click the link below to find resources in your community.