hold your state legislators accountable

Our states are the frontline in the battle to protect what our Constitution stands for and to resist bigotry.  We have the power under the 10th Amendment and other sections of the Constitution to hinder the Trump Administration’s ability to implement its policies on the ground – the White House’s unconstitutional orders are just words if they are not enforced.  But this will not happen without you.  Start the movement to pass a uniform model code in states across the country to prevent the Trump Administration’s unconstitutional, bigoted, and corrupt policies from impacting our communities. 

The Committees will be introducing a draft uniform model act in the next few weeks.  But in the meantime, you can ask your state representatives what they are doing to protect your state.  To make things simple, we’ve provided a sample letter you can copy and paste, and right below that is a link to find the direct email address for your state legislators.


Sample Letter to Your State Legislator


Dear ___________________________,

I am deeply concerned by recent unconstitutional actions of the Trump Administration, such as the executive order banning immigration based on religion and national origin.  I am writing to request information on what you will be doing during the legislative session to use principles under the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (see Collector v. Day, 78 U.S. 113 (1870); New York v. U.S., 505 U.S 144 (1992); Printz v. U.S., 521 U.S. 898 (1997)) to protect the people of our State from the harm caused by any of the Administration’s unconstitutional or bigoted actions.  It is my hope that our legislature will be taking action to ensure that the impact of any unconstitutional or bigoted legislation implemented by the Trump Administration will be limited within our State.





(Name, Address, Phone)