Trump's Rogues Gallery

Donald Trump has appointed several dangerous racists and bigots to positions in his administration.  These people cannot be allowed to serve in our government.  We have made great strides as a society these past decades in realizing racism and bigotry for the evils they are and making efforts to eliminate them from our civic life as a first step to eliminating them from our hearts.  If we allow people like Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon to continue to serve in positions of power, we will allow the venomous bigotry they represent to creep back into our public life.  


Do your part

You can do your part by following the link below to learn the contact information for your federal representatives and letting them know that you will not tolerate bigots in our government. 

Do not underestimate the importance of calling, emailing, or writing a letter to your representatives – this type of feedback does matter to them and they will be forced to take a position if they receive enough push to do so.  It’s our job to push them.


Get Mnuchin Out

Not only did Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin abuse the foreclosure process to victimize innocent homeowners, his bank also refused to open branches in African-American and Latino neighborhoods of  Los Angeles.  Mnuchin's bigotry made it more difficult for black and Latino Americans to obtain loans and financial services - a man like that cannot continue to serve as Treasury Secretary.  Let your representatives know that Mnuchin must go.  


Sessions Must Go

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was denied a job as a federal judge in the 80's due to his racist views.  This, coupled with committing perjury during his confirmation hearing, makes Sessions unfit to serve as the chief law enforcement officer in the United States.  Let your representatives know that Sessions must go.