Join the Who We Are Initiative to resist Donald Trump’s racism, bigotry, and casual sexual abuse and fight for the best parts of what America stands for – equality, justice, and opportunity for all.


BIgotry from our head of state

The President of the United States is not just the head of our executive branch – he is also the head of state, and in that role he represents the United States to the world.  This is why Donald Trump’s consistent racist and bigoted actions present such a major problem.  When President Trump degrades an entire ethnic group, or when he mocks the disabled or brags about abusing women, he is now doing those things on behalf of every citizen and resident of this country.

Follow the link below for a list of every one of Donald Trump’s divisive and disgusting racist, bigoted, or sexist actions.


Fighting trump's bigotry

We don’t have to sit back while Trump continues his bigoted actions while representing us.  In fact, it is crucial that the American people make it known loudly and clearly that Trump’s bigoted behavior does not represent who we are. 

That is why the Committees of Correspondence is organizing the Who We Are Initiative to coordinate as many $3 donations as possible to charities and nonprofits fighting against discrimination and for equality.  Every time Donald Trump makes a bigoted comment the American people should respond with a cascade of donations to organizations that fight for the best parts of what America stands for.  The Committees will notify you whenever Trump takes some bigoted action and provide you a list of reputable charities and nonprofits that you can make a small but significant $3 donation to.  Be sure to sign up for our email list or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.