The Who We Are Initiative Action Alerts

We are not powerless in the face of Donald Trump’s callous bigotry in our name.  We can respond to his ignorance and hate in a way that will make our country a better place.  The Committees of Correspondence’s Who We Are Initiative works to respond to Trump’s bigoted comments and actions by coordinating as many $3 donations as possible to charities and nonprofits fighting against discrimination and for equality.  $3 is not a lot of money, but by adding these small donations together, we can respond to Trump by allowing established organizations to continue their work to fight for the best parts of what America stands for.

Check back to this page often for updates because unfortunately it does not look like the Trump plans to reign in his bigoted behavior any time soon.


Action Alert #1: Trump Thoughtlessly Attacks Civil Rights Icon

A week before his inauguration, President-elect Trump responded to criticism from Representative John Lewis, a civil rights hero who risked his life to end legal segregation, by stating that Representative Lewis was “all talk” and Trump continued his habit of referring to all inner-cities as “crime infested,” “burning,” and “falling apart.”

It is of course fair for a President-elect to respond to criticism from his political opponents.  However, this incident involves Trump reducing a civil rights hero’s work to nothing but “talk” and continuing his trend of bringing sweeping racist stereotypes to the presidency.  The Committees hopes you will respond with a donation of $3 or more to one of the organizations below that are continuing the work for a more equal society.