Donald Trump is the Most Openly Corrupt President in American History


The United States has had corrupt Presidents before, but we have never had a President as openly corrupt as Donald Trump.  Richard Nixon went to great lengths to make sure the public never knew about his scandals.  But President Trump is shamelessly open about his intention to use his office to enrich himself and his family.  What he is less open about, but which is no less obvious, are deeply concerning questions about whether President Trump will sell out the interest of the American people to advance his own personal interests.  

President Trump's corruption can be boiled down to three key issues:

1. His use of the Presidency to advance his family's personal business interests and loot the public treasury.

2.  His use of federal agencies to attack his political opponents and interfere with legitimate investigations into his Presidency.

3.  His deeply concerning ties with the Russian government and other foreign nations opposed to U.S. interests.

Scroll down to learn more about each of these three distinct areas of open public corruption committed by the Trump Administration.  And remember to support the Keep 'Em Honest Campaign to prevent President Trump from getting richer at our expense.        



For $200,000, you can buy a membership to Donald Trump's golf club where you will get time to express your views directly to the President and advise him on policy.  The President's top aide went on national television to tell people to buy his daughter's fashion products like she was on QVC.  These are just the most open examples of President Trump's blatant use of his office to enrich himself and his family's business interests.  

For the first time in recent history the President has refused to divest himself of his business interests.  That means when the Department of Defense and Secret Service pay millions of dollars to rent floors at Trump Tower, a good portion of that taxpayer money goes straight into Donald Trump's pockets.  And when the President authorizes projects like the DAPL Pipeline that runs over rivers and Native lands, the fact that he owns stock in the company building the pipeline calls into question whether he approved the project to bolster his own bank account.  Follow the link below to find excellent sources on the President's multiple business conflicts of interests - because if we were to detail all of them here, this page would stretch on and on.        


The Trump Administration Is TRYING TO USE GOVERNMENT AGENCIES TO attack political opponents and interfere with investigations

President Trump is turning the government into a machine to advance silence his critics and stymie investigations into his Administration's conflicts of interests.  His chief of staff pressured the FBI and members of the intelligence community to lie to the press about the nature of Trump's ties to Russia.  And there is legitimate concern that Donald Trump will use agencies like the Internal Revenue Service to persecute his political enemies.  

Click below to learn about proposed legislation The Committees is crafting that you can tell your representatives to pass.   


Donald trump's ties to foreign governments put u.s. interests and security at risk 

Even President Trump has admitted the Russian government interfered with and attempted to influence the 2016 election.  There are active investigations occurring into whether Trump and his campaign had contacts with the Russian government leading up to the 2016 election.  Amidst these serious allegations, the Trump Administration has relentlessly fought to conceal the truth about the President's ties to Russia.  

On top of Trump's ties with Russia, his business empire operates in 25 countries across the world.  The secrecy surrounding the President and the Trump Organization means Donald Trump can use his office to sell out the national interests of the United States in order to get a better deal for his business.  

The American people deserve to know whether our President is being influenced by foreign governments, many of which are hostile to the interests of the United States.  Follow the link below to find a sample letter demanding an investigation into this serious issue along with the contact info for your representatives.