Where to Begin

It can be overwhelming to manage all of the information about the Trump Administration and the world in general.  The Committees has tried to simplify matters by boiling the fundamental issues of our time to three key areas: defending the fundamental rights of all people as embodied in the Constitution, fighting the poison of bigotry in our pubic discourse, and battling public corruption that robs the taxpayers and sells out the nations interests.  

Check out the resources below to find the campaigns that speak the most to your passions.  We look forward to your involvement with these important issues that will protect our ability to live in a free country and world.   


The Committees is dedicated to protecting the human rights of every person in the United States.  The beauty of the US Constitution is that is recognizes all humans everywhere have certain rights that can never be violated.  The campaigns below are designed to defend the rights of all people. 


Work to Fight Bigotry

Donald Trump and some of his top advisers have promoted an open and public bigotry that most of us thought had died a few decades ago.  Join the campaigns below to prevent the Trump Administration from injecting poisonous bigotry back into our public discourse.


Join the Fight to keep our public officials honest

The Trump Administration is openly corrupt in a way never seen in U.S. history.  But his shameless corruption is a product of a broken campaign finance system that allows legalized bribery.  Join the following campaigns to fight Trump's looting of your tax dollars and to get big money out of our election process while getting citizens involved again.